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Lansdown Park

Lansdown Park

Secondary Specialist Provision


Lansdown Park Curriculum and Assessment Statement

At Lansdown Park we teach students at KS2 and 3. We are a brief, solution-focussed facility…

  • for learning about young people (through the cultivation of positive professional relationships with them, carrying out detailed emotional and academic assessments of them and drawing in multi-professional involvement where needed)
  • for re-engaging young people in learning, helping them to progress and
  • for moving them on to positive, supportive placements when they graduate from our provision

We are an attachment-aware and communication-friendly school with the Principles of the Nurture Approach under-pinning our practise across the school. We understand that young who have experienced a breakdown of provision/ relationship in their school of origin need to positively reattach to key adults in Lansdown (see our Engagement Policy) and re-engage in learning whilst earning their way towards clear, personalised Graduation

Targets. These concepts have shaped our approach to teaching and the curriculum.

Approach: throughout Key Stage 2 and 3 students are taught the majority of their lessons in a learning base with two key adults and a reduced class size. Students have access to whole-group Nurture Approach and PSHE sessions in our Nurture Room. Individual students are referred where applicable for 1:1 and/or small group Nurture sessions to work on issues specific to them. Further work individual work on emotional and behavioural development is done 1:1 by our Learning Mentor Team and we provide further opportunities for students to experience competence in a

Subjects and rooms: we have relabelled many things at Lansdown so they reflect our awareness that many traditional school labels carry negative associations – this is part of how we seek to reframe student experience as we re-engage them in learning:

Learning Bases – these are our class rooms – each tutor group has a home base with separate facilities in our Electronic Learning Base, Nurture Room and Food base.

Subject List:

Word (English) x5 lessons per week – always taught Lesson 1

Number (Maths) x5 lessons per week – always taught Lesson 2

Themed Learning (History, Geography, Science – see Themes Rota) x2 lessons leading to a series of learning challenges each term the outcomes of which culminate and are celebrated in our Theme Day at the end of term.

Computer Expert (ECDL) x2 sessions and x1 session in ELB for drafting other work/ Themes research etc)

Move (PE + Alternative Physical Activities) including Sports Coaching from a variety of external professionals across the year (e.g. Bristol Rugby) x2 sessions

Food (Cooking as a Life Skill) x1 session

Create (Art/ Creative Writing/ Film-making/ Photography/ Muti-media projects, etc,) x1 session

Outside (Horticulture/ Forest School) x2 sessions per week

Rewards (or Catch-up) – linked to our Positive Points System based on work and behaviour (top point earners each term go on a Rewards Trip e.g. go-karting, theme park, trampoline park, etc.)


Assessment at Lansdown

Induction and Exit Assessments: As students join our provision they undergo a thorough cognitive, academic and emotional assessment – these are repeated to measure the impact as part of the moving on process. Students are assessed for generalised English and Maths ability, Reading and Spelling Age, Functional Skills (BKSB), Cognitive Ability (CATS) and we are developing the use of the Readiness for Reintegration Scale.

Ongoing in-class Assessment: from September 2016 we have been using a new and extremely detailed online assessment package for staff to record progress made in class – we assess English, Maths, History, Geography and PSHE. We are embedding a new Science assessment package at KS3 using the Active8 series of textbooks backed by Kerboodle online resources. We update progress termly (x6 times a year) and, as is important in a transitory provision like Lansdown, we can pin point progress in detail across short periods of time.

Boxall Profiling: these are the Emotional Development profiles which underpin much of the work in our Nurture groups and which help tutor team set precise and personalised Graduation targets for students.

Sleuth, Report Cards and the Positive Points system: as well as providing a record of positive (and less positive!) incidents our daily points sheets, staff report cards online recording package allows us to assess progress made by students over time and to analyse incidents, when and when they took place as we look for trends and seek to better understand out students.

Achievement/ Graduation Files: these files are kept by our Learning Facilitator Teams and are a collation of the highlights a student learns, experiences and produces whilst at Lansdown (e.g. photo evidence of projects, positive points, report cards, attendance, examples of best, marked work. etc,).