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Lansdown Park

Lansdown Park

Secondary Specialist Provision




The Nurture Room is a safe, welcoming and relaxing environment providing an interface between school and a more home-like environment.


Nurture Groups are a proven, inclusive, in-school resource for children with emotional, social and behavioural needs. This means that where a child is unready to meet the social or intellectual demands of school life Nurture can help address gaps in their emotional and social development.

Our Nurture group is run by the Lead Nurture Practitioner and supported by a Learning Facilitator. It is the responsibility of both staff to create a secure and safe base.

The Six Principles behind the Nurture Approach…

·         Each child’s learning is understood        developmentally

·         The Nurture Room offers a safe place

·         The importance of nurture for wellbeing is understood

·         Language is understood as a vital means of communication

·         All behaviour is communication

·         Transitions are significant in the lives of children