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Lansdown Park

Lansdown Park

Secondary Specialist Provision

The Standpoints of Lansdown Park

Right Place, Right Time

  • Absence without permission or a reason notified (e.g. phone call from parents)
  • Lateness to school
  • Lateness to lesson/ Lateness coming up for break/lunch
  • Out of lesson without permission slip/ out of lesson for longer than permitted/ Misusing permission to be out of lesson (e.g. permission given to visit loo but time used to look in window of another class and disrupt)/ Out of lesson in groups
  • Leaving class early/arriving at the foyer early for break, lunch or home time
  • Refusing to leave the foyer when requested
  • Letting others into classrooms
  • Being in the wrong classroom
  • Leaving site without permission
  • Walking out of lessons
  • Wandering around the school
  • Refusing to leave the building or grounds when requested
  • Intrusion into any of the out of bounds areas of the building (staff offices, staff room, reception, meeting rooms)

Respect For Learning

  • Listen to and respond appropriately to staff instructions/ requests
  • Sit in your assigned seat or work as directed by staff
  • Complete all tasks you are capable of in lessons
  • Politely request help when you need it
  • Talk respectfully to staff if work is too hard or if you feel you are capable of working at a higher level
  • Respect the work produced in lessons (damaging other people's work/ displays is never acceptable)
  • Pens, pencils, books, IT etc. help us to learn – these are precious resources and we always look after them

Respect Myself and Other People

  • We focus on positive respectful language and tone of voice at all times (even when annoyed/ upset)
  • Respect personal space (line up politely to wait, be safe especially in doorways)
  • We have zero tolerance on bullying/ sexism/ racism
  • We use proper communication (not threat or aggression) to explain ourselves
  • We are responsible for keeping ourselves calm and for helping others to stay calm – we always avoid “winding up” others through our words, actions or presence
  • Smoking onsite or directly outside the school grounds is never permitted under any circumstances
  • Any unsafe behaviours (climbing, play fighting, interfering physically or verbally in a physical intervention)
  • Show respect in the community – move to and from school responsibly and respectfully
  • I will not cut deals with staff or seek a change of mind from other staff

Respect Our School

  • Full, correct uniform at all times
  • We do all we can to make our school a better place to learn (damage/making damage worse/ vandalism/ graffiti/ kicking/ hitting/ breaking/ littering are never acceptable)
  • We hand each other items and put things in their place/ in the bin - throwing is dangerous
  • We protect the calm and good order of our school – this makes it a safe and peaceful place to learn
  • We never smuggle or carry items into school when not for learning purposes (e.g. pens/ markers/ sharp, pointed/ dangerous objects/ objects belonging to others) – our coats stay in the cloakroom, our possessions go to the office
  • We represent our school with pride when offsite (e.g. in the minibus, sports fixtures, trips, attending other places of learning)

Actions Bring Consequences

  • Positive actions bring positive consequences
  • I will accept a consequence if I make a mistake/ break the standpoints…